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Repurposed Designs for the Capital District! Adoring the old while making it feel new!

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Feeling overwhelmed or just need someone to run an idea past? We can help!

How does it all work? Simply email me to ask about booking a design consult. We can help with everything from designing a gallery wall, to redecorating one bedroom, to starting from scratch on an entire home. For me, achieving the right design is the result of asking questions, listening, understanding what you want, planning, experience and your budget. I structure the design and cost by scaling it to your needs and resources. I charge per hour while I’m at a your house and at a reduced hourly rate when I’m at home doing research and making a design plan. Typically the initial consult takes about 1 1/2 hours for a 1-2 rooms. We can also do much of the interior work if you’d like those services, too. Kitchen cabinet painting, interior painting, installations, lighting, etc.

Before I go to your home for the consult, I will ask for pictures of the house, find out who lives there and the purpose of the room(s) I will be designing. This give me time to plan some ideas before getting there – saving you time.

After I’ve reviewed the initial information, I will schedule a visit (the initial consult).  I’ll ask for your vision of the room, identify the furniture or decor pieces available (as is, or to be re-purposed) and what was on your wish list to be purchased.  Typically, I’m overflowing with ideas so I may start to make preliminary suggestions on the layout, possible furniture and decor items, choice of colors, etc.  We also have to talk budget and timeline; based on the scope of the project, what could reasonably be accomplished and how best to utilize the money to obtain the desired results. This visit can be the end of the consult if you’d like it to be, leaving you with a new layout plan, wall colors, furniture colors, etc.

Or… you can choose to have me go home and work on room(s) designs. Usually a room takes 2-3 hours for me to complete the preliminary design  –  choosing colors, rug, lighting and furniture choices. As I create the space, I like to make a Mood Board to show how everything is going to look together. Here’s an example of the mood board that I made for a recent mid century modern sitting room.

This allowes you to “picture” the room before final design decisions are made. There are always follow up discussions, questions and texts about the plan, and, while I’m looking for furniture/decor ideas. Along with the mood board, I create a resource list of furniture/decor for you. You can order whatever they would like or I can order it and bill you.

After review of the design board, and the back and forth discussions, I may also need to come to your house one more time to measure out each piece and make sure it feels right in the space before hitting the order now button. Also, sometimes clients need to make changes to the designs because the rug doesn’t come in the size they wanted, etc.

At the end we want our clients to have rooms that reflect their style and make them feel relaxed, as well as rooms that will be welcoming for family and friends for years to come! If you would like help with your next room or even the whole house, please use our Contact Us form to set up an appointment. I’m here to help come up with a plan that works in your budget, create beautiful designs, and make the process fun,  not stressful!

Here’s some examples of some of our past projects:

Modern Farmhouse Dining Room

When we purchased our home it had a more primitive design and we wanted to give it a modern style. We incorporated shiplap, installed an antique mantel and new sputnik chandelier. We also custom built a 9 foot table combining rustic barn board with a modern, sophisticated side. Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 11.39.34 AM02-19-2016-30_25113202666_o 02-19-2016-30_25113202666_o 02-19-2016-33_24508858044_o 02-19-2016-34_25021288102_o 02-19-2016-35_24771843719_o

Retro Farmhouse Kitchen Makeover

Our client wanted to keep the same size and shape of her kitchen, but give it a whole new look. We did all of the work on this remodel. Repurposed the kitchen cabinet doors, built new solid  maple counter tops, added shiplap to the wall, painted everything, installed new lighting and appliances. You can check out the whole story here.
091316-31_29626835256_o29947927451_960bb9a0a7_o 30031500385_074d2bc785_o 30031500725_d75b943a9b_o

Office Design

The Troy Innovation Garage asked us to design an office for their new location. We wanted to create a bold design with a space that would inspire others to take risks, work hard and enjoy Troy!

Quick Guest Bedroom Update

Our clients didn’t have a lot of time or want to spend much money on their guest bedroom. We updated an old bed with a bright pop of color, pulled in end stands from others we found in the house where they weren’t being used, and painted the walls a soft gray. Additionally we gave it an accent wall using a darker gray.  The room became a special oasis for visiting friends and family.


Repurposed Porch Project

This was an exterior design project where our goal was to update an outdated porch with as much repurposed furniture as possible. The table was made from and old door and pillars from a home in Albany that was torn down to expand Albany Medical Center. The coffee table was made from an old cable spool! The love seat was an antique wicker set that we redid as well!
IMG_7981e IMG_7972e IMG_7959e IMG_7962e IMG_7941e IMG_7944e

My Serene Sitting Room

Again, a more primitive design that I wanted to transform into a natural, relaxing space for our company.
12654181_1060276007328643_9035074156602922217_n29997345876_f63fed123c_o 29947921721_677bca810a_o

Modern and Bold Living Room

This design was for a client who loved Jonathan Adler’s style and wasn’t afraid to incorporate layers of color with bold, bright furniture. We did all the interior painting, helped pick the fabric for the window treatments, found and designed the library hutch, and picked out the color and fabric for the couch and ottomans.
2014-09-15_0132 2014-09-15_0125 2014-09-15_0129

Country Chic Dining Room

We were able to keep the original wallpaper, build a table, paint our client’s chairs 4 different colors, find a buffet that would work in the space and paint it to match. We also painted her chandelier from gold to white and help to stage the built in hutch.
img_8330_25935832284_o-mark_26449896392_o img_8332_26448464452_o-mark_26269343200_o img_8336_26474691951_o-mark_25937237144_o img_8321_26267981550_o-mark_26476159601_o country-chic-dining-room-2_26523623715_o-mark_26542242565_o img_8318_26540885505_o-mark_25939320973_o

Dainty Bright Girls Room

This room was for the happiest little girl!! She never stopped smiling! Her mom didn’t want the typical pink and purple but still wanted it to have a feminine feel. We incorporated grays, oranges, and bright pops of color!
2014-09-15_0082 2014-09-15_0083 2014-09-15_0089

Orange and Blue Boy’s Room

We let our client’s son pick out his two favorite colors – orange and blue – then created a space around those colors that would make him happy to spend the day creating and playing in his space. We used drapes they already had, found and designed a mid century desk, picked out new bedding, and went shopping for the pictures!

2014-09-15_0099-2 2014-09-15_0100 2014-09-15_0102

Entry  Way Update

Our clients entry way was a funky shape and felt outdated! We made coming home feel fun and inviting with pops of magenta, navy and soft gray walls!

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Gallery Wall

Our client wanted us to help her create a gallery wall for her living room. We made the cable spool clock, the arrow, and found the E for the wall. Then we recommended framing family photos and ordered the feather picture on Etsy. Once she had it all, we came back and helped her hang everything