FunCycled Furniture Painting Classes in the Capital District

Hi Friends!!!

A highly anticipated time has come! We have partnered with the Art Center of the Capital Region to offer classes on how to paint your own furniture. This is such an exciting announcement for us!! I’ve considered myself an artist above all else in this business! I’ve been painting since I was a teenager. I was home schooled and my parents invested in having me go to an amazing art teacher to learn how to paint for years.  I had art in galleries and loved everything about it. Then I started enjoying interior design and painting furniture. The rest is history! ;)

This class will be 3 hours long. You’ll bring your own piece (anything small that you can carry through a door by yourself) and we will paint it completely and distress it if you’d like, during that time period. I’ll show you painting techniques that I’ve learned over the last 4 years of re-purposing furniture full time. Bring your friends and make it a night (or morning) outing! You can see a full list of class dates and register for them here: Repainting to Repurpose with FunCycled

Here’s some examples of furniture finishes you’ll be taught in the class!
12-04-2015-2-mark_23422090322_o 10-21-2015-8-mark_22180282410_o 09-10-2015-29-mark_20679412874_o 08-27-2015-18-mark_20743379439_o
his class would make a great gift for a friend or loved one! If you have friends that love DIY or paint and sip classes, this should be the next outing for your fun night out!

Won’t it be fun to give new life and add character to your favorite piece of furniture? Thank you for appreciating art and supporting our local community!

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Happy FunCycling Friends,
Sarah ;)

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  1. SO excited for you!! Hopefully sometime next year I can join one of your classes — should be so much fun! xo

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