Store Location, Hours and Parking

Hours: Tuesday 12:30-5:30, Wednesday 11-4, Thursday and Friday 12-5 and Saturday 10-4. Evenings by appointment

Address: 272 River Street, Troy, NY 12180

Parking Info

There is street parking throughout the neighborhood (some by hourly rate and some free). When going south on River Street and you’ll see FunCycled on your left, look for the first available parking spot. If you pass the store, keep going and take a left onto 1st Street and look for parking there. If you see State Street, you can take a left and park there or turn left again onto 2nd street and park there.

Parking Garages

On weekends or after 5om, we recommend using the Uncle Sam Parking Garage (Fulton and 3rd). It is free at those times and during most major downtown events. It is only a block and a half from FunCycled.

There are other parking garages, but the Uncle Sam garage is the easiest to get to. These other parking garages are permit only during business hours M-F.

NOTE: During the farmers market in the summer, River Street is closed until 3pm.