Bring on the Color – Tuesday’s Treasures

Hi Friends!

How’s it going there? It’s life in the fast lane here at FunCycled. If you missed the announcement last week, we are moving to a new house with a better work set up. Yes, I’ll miss those beautiful barn doors, too! But our new place really is such a beauty! I can’t wait to share pictures with you once everything is finalized.
barn sale3I was able to go away on a ladies retreat with some friends at church over the weekend. The Adirondacks are so beautiful and it was a much needed time to catch my breath. Selling a house and buying a house can be so stressful. I also tried archery and it was lots of fun!
retreat1 retreat2 retreat3

One thing that has changed a bit since opening our retail store instead of doing mainly custom orders is that I paint WAY more white, black and gray furniture than I ever did. I don’t know why, but you all love buying those shades. ;) That’s ok but sometimes I just need to get my color on and this buffet seemed to be asking for it. Yeah…. they talk to me. Just kidding they don’t. They do. No they don’t. Do. Don’t. ;)

Here it is before:
05272015-24-mark_18169461405_oWe used a mixture of teals that I already had so I can’t tell you the exact color. If you’d like to see how we paint furniture, check out our How to Paint Furniture post.  Here are the after’s for you.

Teal Hutch
Teal Hutch


Here’s a quick before and after for Pinterest. baa4

This cabinet is for sale right now! We just brought it into the store last week. If you’d like to purchase it, please use our Contact Us form or stop by our store at 272 River Street, Troy, NY. I also added quite a few other new pieces to the store!

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Happy FunCycling Friends,
Sarah ;)

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  1. I love this hutch. I restore furniture as a hobby, although I haven’t done one lately as I’ve been busy restoring an old house, and can tell you the pieces do talk to me, yes they do. :-)

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