Orchid Dresser Makeover – Tuesday’s Treasures

Hi Friends!

It’s the week of Christmas!!! We are so excited to celebrate our Savior’s birth! I can’t wait to spend Christmas singing about Him, sharing gifts that reflect the gift we were given when God sent Jesus to earth, and enjoying our new home with my parents and brothers and their families. We’ll be hosting Christmas dinner this year!

Here’s our store hours over the next two weeks:
Christmas HoursI f you would like to stop by with family or look at a piece of furniture while you are on vacation, please email me using our Contact Us form! I would gladly meet you at our store anytime!

This past weekend we were able to go to Old Sturbridge Village. We’ve never gone to it before even though it is an easy drive! It was really great! They had people roasting chestnuts on an open fire (we tried them). Each house in the village had something special to teach us about. There was a horse drawn carriage. I would love to make it a yearly tradition for our family.
sturbridge village

For this week’s furniture transformation, I wanted to share one that I enjoyed because I was able to freehand a design on the front. Jackie came to us with this dresser:
orchad dresser before

She loved this Fern Dresser that we recently did but really wanted orchids instead. She said I could paint it how I would like to. We sanded and stained the drawer fronts with a mixture of gray/brown stains. The outside of the dresser is painted with the color Navajo White by Benjamin Moore.  If you’d like to see how we paint furniture, check out our How to Paint Furniture post. We replaced all of the hardware as well.

12-04-2015-15-mark_22902256244_o 12-04-2015-18-mark_23530510085_oScreen Shot 2016-01-09 at 11.17.24 AM

Have a merry and holy Christmas friends.
Best PresentPhoto from Pinterest.

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Happy FunCycling Friends,
Sarah ;)

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