1930’s Sideboard Buffet – Tuesday’s Treasures

One of the many ways that we’ve continue to be blessed is by old friends who encouraged us in this adventure called FunCycled. This week’s Tuesday’s Treasures comes with a lot of memories for me. When I was a little kid, the families that went to our church were so close to each other. The Jackson’s were one of those families. My brothers, sister and I spent hours and hours at their house, playing in the woods, feeding their chickens, ice skating on the little pond next to their house. When mom and dad would go away on trips, we would stay there. Mrs. Jackson had three boys so when I would go to stay there, she would try to make everything as “girly” as possible. I remember one stay where she actually put a scarf and hat on the deer head mounted in the room I was staying in. Lol! We still laugh about it to this day.

It was time for this sideboard buffet to be brought back to life so Mr. and Mrs. Jackson asked if we would want it to “funcycle” it. This piece was in their entry way for as long as I can remember. It made me so excited to bring it back to life. Here she is!!

First things first… the mirror was pretty badly damaged so it had to go. I removed it from the back. Both sides of the buffet were severely damaged. John repaired those side using Bondo and lots of sanding.  Then, he sanded the whole piece to give me a nice “toothe” to repaint it.

I used a beautiful medium sage green from Behr and made it into chalk paint. I don’t normally paint the insides of drawers because they usually get scratched anyway and I find that they don’t slide as well. In this case, it was already painted so I did paint the inside yellow and I lined the one silverware drawer with an AMAZING fabric by Amy Butler.

For the glass section, we bought tin from Home Depot that is usually used as a back splash in kitchens. It’s not actual tin, but it looks just like it. I thought the tin was a little too bright so I used glaze to darken it up a bit. Then everything was sealed for extra surface protection. Are you ready for the after picture?

Thanks again to the Jacksons!! Check to see if this piece is still available for purchase on our Furniture For Sale Page. Have a great week and  happy redesigns!!!


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