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We can deliver any item in within 30 minutes of Troy, NY for $50 and anywhere within 60 miles from Albany, NY area for $100. Regular delivery days are Tuesdays or Wednesdays 9am-2pm. If you would like something shipped, please contact us and we can connect you with movers at great rates. We ship out of state all of the time to happy customers. We accept cash, paypal or credit card payment.

$795 Black Mahogany Buffet Size: 20 1/2 inches deep x 60 inches wide x 35 inches high
This buffet is gorgeous with dovetail drawers and made by Bernhardt. Painted black and lightly distressed. Simply stunning!
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$295 each or both for $550 Creamy White Small Dressers Size: 15″ deep x 23 inches wide x 40 inches high
These adorable dressers would be perfect in any tight space or even as end stands for a larger room.
08-27-2015-7-mark_20307527984_o 08-27-2015-9-mark_20742166808_o 08-27-2015-10-mark_20930130475_o

$115 Black Solid Wood End Stand Size: 17 inches deep x 25 inches wide x 25 inches high 
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$425 Mid Century Modern Credenza Size: 32 inches high x 16 inches deep x 41 inches wide

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$395 Mint Small Glass Front Credenza Size: 26 1/2 inches high x 12 inches deep x 36 3/4 inches wide

$1,075 White Hutch with Barn Board Size: 48 inches wide x 15 inches deep x 70 1/4 inches high

It’s one of a kind and a perfect mix of rustic modern. Perfect for so many spaces!
08202015-1-mark_20725937382_o 08202015-2-mark_20112660194_o 08202015-4-mark_20725943042_o 08202015-5-mark_20735253025_o

$275 Large Black Side Table Size: 35 inches wide x 30 inches deep x 30 inches high
This antique piece has been painted black and lightly distressed for a sophisticated, but traditional look. 
08202015-17-mark_20112688054_o 08202015-18-mark_20742169441_o 08202015-20-mark_20725971282_o 08202015-19-mark_20547291278_o


$1,200 Black Mid Century Ombre 3 Piece Dresser Set 
Or buy separately for these prices.
08132015-37-mark_20589940121_o$675 Long 8 Drawer Dresser Size: 17 3/7 inches deep x 30 1/2 inches high x 61 3/4 inches wide
This dove tail drawer Mid Century dresser has been given a  whole new look with an ombre stained drawer front finish.
08132015-31-mark_20395366000_o 08132015-33-mark_20557119006_o 08132015-34-mark_20395385898_o


$595 Tall 4 Drawer Mid Century Dresser Size: 17 3/4 inches deep x 37 3/4 inches wide x 42 3/4 inches high
This dove tail drawer Mid Century dresser has been given a  whole new look with an ombre stained drawer front finish.
08132015-23-mark_20395291628_o 08132015-24-mark_20583261435_o 08132015-25-mark_20395341438_o 08132015-26-mark_20589872661_o

$125 Mid Century End Stand Size: 21 3/4 inches wide x 13 3/4  inches deep x 22 3/4 inches high
08132015-28-mark_20396647689_o 08132015-30-mark_20395369980_o

$250 Full Sized Antique Bed - comes with side rails as well (57 1/4 inches wide)

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SOLD! Hot Pink Mid Century Dresser with glass and brass hardware Size: 19 inches deep x 36 inches wide x 43 inches high
I’ve never gotten my hands on a mid century dresser quite like this. It has a built in jewelry tray. It has dovetail drawers and the drawers are deep for a great amount of storage. It would work well with the matching full sized bed above and the vanity.
08062015-35-mark_20371379472_o 08062015-37-mark_20386066431_o 08062015-38-mark_20379955195_o 08062015-39-mark_20191890260_o 08062015-41-mark_20353727446_o

$695 Bright White Antique China Cabinet Size: 40 inches wide x 62 1/4 inches high x 16 1/2 inches deep
I love this style china cabinet because it works in so many spaces, from kitchens, dining rooms, bedrooms and even bathrooms. You really can’t find a wrong spot for it.
08062015-18-mark_20191782370_o 08062015-21-mark_19757151444_o 08062015-24-mark_20191787320_o 08062015-20-mark_19757155724_o


$695 Small Solid Wood Hutch Size: 42 inches wide x 19 1/4 inches deep x 75 inches high

This adorable hutch has been painted with the color Rainwashed by Sherman Williams. It’s a perfect pale blue. It’s been lightly distressed and all new hardware has been added. It would be perfect for so many room!
07292015-7-mark_19930372008_o 07292015-11-mark_19930497249_o 07292015-10-mark_19930507279_o 07292015-12-mark_20122666521_o 07292015-13-mark_19929043368_o

$1,900 Rustic Cic Mid Century Modern Dresser Set
This one of a kind dresser set is absolutely one of my all time favorites. We painted the boxes white and replaced the drawer fronts with aged lumber. The wood on the drawer fronts hasn’t been changed in any way. Just it’s own beautifully aged gray color. A perfect blend of rustic chic and modern. Snatch it up before it’s gone. You can purchase as a set for the price above or buy individually as priced below.
07292015-39-mark_19493873434_o 07292015-40-mark_20121991181_o$975 Long Rustic Chic Mid Century Dresser Size: 6 feet long x 18 1/2 inches deep x 30 1/2 inches high

$795 Tall Rustic Chic Mid  Century Dresser Size: 38 inches wide x 18 1/2 inches deep x 44 1/2 inches high
07292015-3-mark_19929241410_o 07292015-5-mark_20109227802_o 07292015-1-mark_20117259075_o$150 each Mid Century Modern End Stands Size: 15 inches deep x 24 inches wide x 23 1/4 inches high
07292015-36-mark_19495520533_o 07292015-37-mark_20090230346_o

SOLD! $925 Antique Light Gray Oak Buffet Size: Height (w/ mirror)  4′ 1 1/4″ (49 1/4″) x Depth 1′ 11″ (23″) x Width 5′ (60″)
This one of a kind antique buffet is breath taking. It has all dovetail drawers, is so solid and sturdy. It would a perfect statement piece in any room! It could work as a buffet, dresser, entertainment center.

$1,195 Mid Century Modern Maple Table Size: 36 1/4 inches wide x 6 feet long x 28 3/4 inches high
This table was made by hand with a mid century modern design. It has been made with a solid maple top and a white and stain stripes.
The long bench is made from solid cherry wood and is available for $450.
$115 each for the white industrial chairs
$135 each for the lucite arm chairs


$950 Gold Dipped and Topped Large Antique China Cabinet Size: 48 inches wide x 17 3/4 inches deep x 73 1/2 inches high

This stunning china cabinet has been given a bold, beautiful  new look with white and gold paint. It has one large middle drawer and the door has glass. You need to see in person! Swoon worthy!
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$850 Oak Secretary Desk / Display Cabinet Size:  45 1/2 inches wide 67 1/2 inches high x 12 1/2 inches deep
This stunning, hard to find piece has been completely redone. It is solid oak! We repaired and painted it a light gray on the outside and inside is a light blue. It’s a soft, sophisticated combination. New glass and knobs have also been installed. Perfect pieces for so many rooms!

fc-26-mark_17902607982_o fc-27-mark_17879255676_o fc-28-mark_17285193243_o fc-29-mark_17719397429_o fc-30-mark_17905650715_o

$595 Coral Antique China Cabinet Size: 38 1/4 inches wide x 67 inches high x 16 inches deep

This stunning cabinet would be a perfect pop of color in any room. Just in time for summer! It has been fine finish painted with Sherman William’s color Ravishing Coral. Then we lightly distressed it to accent the detailing.

16999407130_0a34a2edbe_o 17185282352_2acbf271fa_o 17185282412_00ae756664_o


$475 Mid Century Modern Ombre Dresser Size:  36 inches wide x 17 3/4 deep x 44 tall

This modern design and high quality all wood antique is an eye catcher. We’re added all new hardware and a bold pop of mustard.

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$1,800 Antique Tiger Oak Ornate Carved Lion Head and Paw Foot Sideboard Buffet Size: 48 inches wide x 68 inches high x 23 inches deep
This stunning piece has been brought back to life with a fresh coat of black paint and a light distressing. It a very hard to find antique piece from the early 1900’s.
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Custom Built Furniture is also available. You can view some of our past projects and request quotes for your custom piece here.



 Don’t see quite what you’re looking for?

Let us customize a furniture piece for you! If you’re looking for a furniture piece that you don’t see on our Upcoming Projects page or Furniture For  Sale page, please use our Furniture Wish List form to request specific pieces. We’ll help you find just what you’re looking for!  We create custom furniture and will deliver for customers in upstate NY and shipping is available throughout the US.  Send us a note with what you would like using our contact page.If you want to know when something is for sale before it even hits the website, please like our face book page to keep up to date on the newest finds, vote on colors and give input on our creativity. There is a box at the top right of this page to enter your email address in to receive notifications by email when I post something new on this blog. Please sign up today! No furniture pieces can be held without a deposit. We can accept Paypal deposits to hold your piece for up to 3 days from the time that the deposit is received. All pieces must be picked up within 3 days of purchase date due to limited space.


  1. Betsy Lamoureux
    May 28, 2012

    Hi Sarah & John! I was looking at furniture on Craigslist and came across your site. It’s wonderful. If you still have the grey & white chest of drawers I might be interested in it. Let me know… -Betsy

    • Sarah
      May 29, 2012

      Hi Betsy!
      I just left you a voicemail. Thanks for checking out our site. :)

  2. CarolNelson
    June 11, 2012

    I just ran across your web site. I think a lot of your furniture looks very nice painted, but I wonder why to decided to cover-up such beautiful wood on that Black Dresser. Did you ever think about having it stripped and putting a few coats of danish oil on it?. The resale value would be much higher and it’s a shame to cover up such beautiful wood, I do agree that some pieces do need paint.

    • Sarah
      June 12, 2012

      Hi Carol!
      Thank you for looking at our site. We have sanded down a couple pieces and re-stained them and you could definitely be right that the resale value might be higher if we did that, but it wasn’t the look I wanted in that case. For the black dresser, the black came out really nice and gave it a more up-to-date look… and sold right away. I agree too that some pieces will look better stained. Thanks for your feedback.