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We can deliver any item in within 30 minutes of Troy, NY for $50 and anywhere within 60 miles from Albany, NY area for $100. Regular delivery days are Tuesdays or Wednesdays 9am-2pm. If you would like something shipped, please contact us and we can connect you with movers at great rates. We ship out of state all of the time to happy customers. We accept cash, paypal or credit card payment.

$595 Dark Gray and Teal Secretary Desk and Chair Set Size: 29 1/2 inches wide x 17 1/2 inches deep x 40 1/2 inches tall
This solid wood (believe to be cherry) secretary desk has been given a major overhaul! With a dark gray (almost black) exterior and a surprise pop of dark teal inside, it’s going to be the piece that everyone is talking about in your home. It comes with a matching antique harp chair with my favorite fabric right now!! Snatch it up before she’s gone! 04-15-2016-30-mark_26376894531_o04-15-2016-27-mark_25838225834_o 04-15-2016-29-mark_26417147946_o 04-15-2016-33-mark_26170235090_o 04-15-2016-34-mark_26170234320_o 04-15-2016-35-mark_26443072135_o

3 Piece Set Price: $1,000 or sold separately at the price below
$795 Long Slate/Navy Gold Dipped Dresser
– Size: 78 1/2 inches wide x 21 1/2 inches deep x 33 inches tall
This unique, stunning dresser has been painted with a slate-navy color on top and finished with a gold dipped base. The whole set has dove tail drawers and all new pulls and knobs. We also added a clear coat on top for extra protection.03-19-2016-11-mark_25275868583_o 03-19-2016-13-mark_25603993250_o 03-19-2016-14-mark_25809630381_o 03-19-2016-16-mark_25275863343_o

$125 Each – Matching Slate/Navy Gold Dipped End Stands Size: 24 inches wide x 17 inches deep x 24 1/2 inches tall
03-19-2016-17-mark_25271842544_o 03-19-2016-20-mark_25275857703_o

$495 Vintage White Locker with Black Back Size: 53 1/2 inches wide x 9 1/4 inches deep x 45 1/2 inches tall
This locker came out of an old school in Rotterdam, NY. We added a new back, legs, and painted it to make it look brand new. Perfect for any mud room, family room or any place you’re looking for extra storage! 04-07-2016-8-mark_26308728045_o
04-07-2016-13-mark_26216289512_o 04-07-2016-11-mark_26308720115_o

$495 Cream and Wood Front Solid Maple Dresser Size: 18 1/4 inches deep x 32 1/2 inches wide x 42 inches tall
This antique has been given a fresh new start with a new back, refinished drawers and bright creamy white paint. Solid maple piece with dovetail drawers! An adorable must see!

03-30-2016-35-mark_26114038466_o 03-30-2016-36-mark_25537337923_o 03-30-2016-37-mark_25867104440_o 03-30-2016-39-mark_25537335093_o

$1,295 Mid Century Modern Hutch Size: 19 1/2 inches deep x 63 1/4 inches wide x 74 inches tall
This gorgeous hutch has gone from outdate to out of this word with ombre’ drawers and a light gray exterior. It will offer tons of storage and a eye catching design into a any space.
03-10-2016-3-mark_25552903712_o 03-10-2016-4-mark_25370770990_o 03-10-2016-6-mark_25578962701_o 03-10-2016-7-mark_25578961381_o

$225 Black Mid Century Coffee Table with Travertine Top Size: 25 inches deep x 28 1/4 inches wide x 20 inches high
This is a perfect coffee table for a small spot! Not only is it a vintage mid century piece, but it also has storage! Win win! 03-30-2016-46-mark_25537327853_o03-30-2016-49-mark_25535181254_o03-30-2016-51-mark_25535179054_o

$795 Long Maple Dresser/Buffet Size: 69 1/2 inches wide x 33 inches high x 19 inches deep
This dresser would be perfect for any bedroom, a nursery or even as a dining buffet! Tons of storage and dovetail drawers.
03-05-2016-27-mark_25450921121_o 03-05-2016-31-mark_24913125354_o 03-05-2016-32-mark_25450914371_o 03-05-2016-33-mark_25176133119_o 03-05-2016-29-mark_25176137429_o

$525 Vintal Metal Library Card Cabinet Size: 33 inches tall x 34 inches wide x 18 inches deep
This vintage card catalog cabinet has been given a steam punk industrial finish with hairpin legs and a heavy sanding. Perfect for an industrial, raw room.

ON HOLD! Buy the two piece set for $1,000 or separate:
$595 White and Dark Gray Mid Century Tall Dresser
Size: 43 inches tall x 34 inches wide x 18 inches deep 


03-05-2016-14-mark_25425137202_oON HOLD! $625 Long Mid Century White and Gray Dresser Size: 18 inched deep x 52 inches long x 32 1/4 inches high


$980 Black Queen Anne’s Highboy Dresser Size: 39 inches wide x 17 1/2 inches deep x 79 inches tall
This is a huge, high end dresser. Made of solid maple with dovetail drawers. In excellent condition!! They are hard to come by and definitely worth snatching up! 

02-26-2016-7-mark_25273961225_o 02-26-2016-9-mark_24647175473_o 02-26-2016-11-mark_24978354760_o

$525 Antique Ombre Dresser Size: 32 inches wide x 17 3/4 inches deep x 43inches tall
This antique dresser with dovetail drawers has been given a modern makeover with original hardware painted black and distressed on the outside and given a wash of paint down the front so you can still see the wood grain.
02-19-2016-19-mark_25113207886_o 02-19-2016-21-mark_24771851359_o
02-19-2016-23-mark_24512687213_o 02-19-2016-24-mark_24508861754_o 02-19-2016-25-mark_24508860984_o

$850 Gray Antique Vanity Size: 47 1/2 inches wide x 19 inches deep x 30 inches tall without mirror – mirror adds 35 inches
This hard to find vanity is stunning!  The person we bought it from said it was from the late 1800’s. It’s been painted light gray and distressed with new hardware. Comes with matching chair
02052016-1-mark_24833456425_o 02052016-2-mark_24833455405_o 02052016-3-mark_24833454295_o 02052016-4-mark_24715586502_o 02052016-5-mark_24807184926_o 02052016-6-mark_24205270594_o 02052016-7-mark_24715584202_o 02052016-8-mark_24833450295_o

Modern Farmhouse Table – Size: 72 1/2 inches long x 33 inches wide x 30 inches tall
One side has more feminine legs and the other has rustic legs. Solid wood and made by hand! Part of the table has been painted white and the other part has been stained a beautiful gray! The table can be purchased separately for $1050 Set of Six Antique Maple Chairs This set has been painted a bright white and the seats have been reupholstered with a beautiful fabric! They can be purchased separately for $750 or buy the set for $1800

Modern Farm House Table

Modern Farm House Table

Modern Farmhouse Table

Modern Farmhouse Table

24831472901_4f2644d7c2_k 24806868812_a47020a056_k 24898503116_c186a424eb_k 24806846402_43d58b4efa_k 24924795895_fccccc4de4_k 24924788705_adb994d70c_k

$695 White Antique Bird and Tree Dresser Size: 41inches wide x 20 inches deep x 35 inches high without mirror – mirror adds 29 1/2 inches

This antique piece is stunning and has the original key that locks the drawers. That’s almost unheard of with antique dressers. Painted a bright white and free hand painted a bird and tree design on the front. Dovetail drawers!
02052016-18-mark_24807175206_o 02052016-19-mark_24206596723_o 02052016-20-mark_24833440485_o 02052016-17-mark_24715576802_o 02052016-16-mark_24807176646_o 02052016-15-mark_24537922940_o

$655 Campaign Style Dresser Size: 66 inches wide x 17 3/4 inches deep x 30 inches high
This oak dresser isn’t an antique but it’s been given a total face lift to give you a designer campaign style dresser for half the price of what you’d pay at most store. It’s stunning and would work great as anything from a nursery dresser to buffet in your dining room.
24308172692_154773cd43_k 24048614429_864907050e_k 24308165222_9078d08a48_k 23789633903_06e488f9f2_k 24120802880_0fecf4163a_k

$695 Antique 1920’s Teal Buffet Size: 60″ Wide x 22″ Deep x 43″ Tall
This stunning piece has so much fancy wrapped up in one pieces. It would be perfect in an entry way, used as a dresser, or even an entertainment center!12-04-2015-1-mark_23504493386_o
12-04-2015-6-mark_22903459633_o 12-04-2015-3-mark_22902307564_o 12-04-2015-2-mark_23422090322_o 12-04-2015-5-mark_22902299354_o

$655 Yellow Heavily Distressed Hutch Size: 71 1/2 inches tall x 38 inches wide x 19 inches deep
This hutch has glass shelves and is lighted! It’s been painted a bright yellow and heavily distressed! It would be a perfect pop of color in your home!
11-26-2015-6-mark_23214355152_o 11-26-2015-12-mark_23240096241_o 11-26-2015-7-mark_22954737509_o

$375 White Mid Century Bookcase Size: 39 inches tall x 35 3/4  inches wide x 12 inches deep
This piece has been painted a bright white! It’s such a great bookcase for any tight spot.
11-18-2015-20-mark_22711802667_o 11-18-2015-21-mark_22711809347_o

$320 Red Hall Tree Size: 83 inches high x 30 1/2 inches wide

This hall tree was repurposed from a old door! We added hooks and it would be perfect in any entry way, mudroom or hall for a spot to hang your coat or wreath!
10-28-2015-22-mark_22545549122_o 10-28-2015-26-mark_21937945613_o 10-28-2015-27-mark_22545557382_o

$695 Black and Silver Mid Century Dresser Size:  L61″ x D19″ x H33″
This vintage boy has been brought back to life with a sharp coat of black enamel paint. Painted using an air sprayer to give a brush free, finish finish. The sliver sections of the drawers have been hand painted with a metallic silver finish. Dovetail drawers and an awesome find!
09-24-2015-7-mark_21058380673_o 09-24-2015-4-mark_21491424250_o 09-24-2015-6-mark_21491530208_o

$795 Antique Teal Hutch Size: 18 1/4 inches deep x 40 inches wide x 61 1/2 inches high

This stunning antique has been giving a beautiful pop of color and heavily distressed. The inside of the top section has one shelf for great storage. We believe this to be from about the 1920’s.

09-10-2015-2-mark_21113979470_o 09-10-2015-3-mark_21291453002_o 09-10-2015-4-mark_21114188148_o 09-10-2015-5-mark_21310198211_o 09-10-2015-6-mark_20680947573_o


$325 Mint Small Glass Front Credenza Size: 26 1/2 inches high x 12 inches deep x 36 3/4 inches wide

$425 Mid Century Modern Ombre Dresser Size:  36 inches wide x 17 3/4 deep x 44 tall
This modern design and high quality all wood antique is an eye catcher. We’re added all new hardware and a bold pop of mustard.

10-11e 10-10e

Custom Built Furniture is also available. You can view some of our past projects and request quotes for your custom piece here.



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  1. Betsy Lamoureux
    May 28, 2012

    Hi Sarah & John! I was looking at furniture on Craigslist and came across your site. It’s wonderful. If you still have the grey & white chest of drawers I might be interested in it. Let me know… -Betsy

    • Sarah
      May 29, 2012

      Hi Betsy!
      I just left you a voicemail. Thanks for checking out our site. :)

  2. CarolNelson
    June 11, 2012

    I just ran across your web site. I think a lot of your furniture looks very nice painted, but I wonder why to decided to cover-up such beautiful wood on that Black Dresser. Did you ever think about having it stripped and putting a few coats of danish oil on it?. The resale value would be much higher and it’s a shame to cover up such beautiful wood, I do agree that some pieces do need paint.

    • Sarah
      June 12, 2012

      Hi Carol!
      Thank you for looking at our site. We have sanded down a couple pieces and re-stained them and you could definitely be right that the resale value might be higher if we did that, but it wasn’t the look I wanted in that case. For the black dresser, the black came out really nice and gave it a more up-to-date look… and sold right away. I agree too that some pieces will look better stained. Thanks for your feedback.