White Trunk Makeover – Tuesday’s Treasures

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How are you? I had a great day at HGTV’s blogger’s block party yesterday!

Renee (who works for us helping with our social media) joined me for the trip and we had a blast!

I was able to meet Sara Peterson, Editor in Chief, HGTV Magazine, too!

We have been busy creating new options for custom orders and watching interior design jobs come together! I can’t wait to share those projects with you once they’re done!

Here are some of the custom order options that you can now Contact Us about for a custom order in any size you need:

Farm House Table and Benches:

Black Thick Legged Table with metal chairs:

Herringbone Sofa or Entryway Table:

For this week’s furniture makeover we took a trunk like many you’ve probably seen before. It looked like it should be in the garage or basement and we turned it into something that could be a focal point of the living room or at the end of a bed. Really beautiful!

Here it is before:

It had been Lisa’s family so she didn’t want to get rid of it, but definitely didn’t want it to look like this any longer. We painted all of it – even over the hardware and handles and then lightly distressed it with an orbital sander. We painted it Simply White by Benjamin Moore. If you want to see how we paint furniture, check out our How to Paint Furniture post. We also added wheels which is what I think sent this makeover into a whole new level of awesomeness! What do you think?

Such an amazing transformation, right?

This trunk was a custom order so it’s not available to purchase, but please check out other new furniture for sale on our website here or let us know if you could use some help with decorating. Please use our Contact Us form or stop by our store at 272 River Street, Troy, NY. I also added quite a few other new pieces to the store!

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Sarah ;)

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2 thoughts on “White Trunk Makeover – Tuesday’s Treasures

  1. I have my mother’s old sewing machine (1940s) ?? and seat. I was interested in removing maybe the machine and refinishing the stand. Is this something you would do?

    1. Yes, we can! If you could email me a picture of the sewing machine, I can send you over pricing. My email is sarah@funcycled.com. Thanks so much for checking on that!

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