Transitional Interior Design Project

Hi Friends!

I usually show you before and after of furniture makeovers on the blog, but today I thought I’d mix it up a bit and show you an interior design job. I’ve been working on this project with Noreen since November. Design takes time and I’ve so enjoyed working with Noreen during these past few months. She trusted me on some decisions she wasn’t sure about and also was willing to make adjustments that made a huge impact on the final look

Here’s the dining room before:

Unfortunately, I’m not giving away all of the info about the chosen designs simply because it takes a lot of time and research to come up with wall colors and find products, that’s why you should hire me to help you. :) I did want to step you through how it works and also give you some visuals for those who want to do the research yourselves.

When I looked at the dining room (the room with the rug), I loved the rug but knew it needed to be bigger to anchor the space. Noreen returned it and upgraded to the next size up.

Here’s the design board for her room:

Dining Room Design

As you walk into the room, your eyes wanted to go to the far wall, but it was lacking in wow factor. I wanted to make the room feel like it kept going so I went with a dark blue/gray/teal color and then changed the other three walls to a warm, brown friendly gray.

I so badly wanted Noreen to get a hutch for the large wall because I knew that would send this design out of the park! I took a risk and bought this hutch without Noreen knowing and practically begged her to buy it for the space. :) She did and I’m so glad!!

Here it is after:  

If you want to see how we paint furniture, check out our How to Paint Furniture post.

We also custom built the table:

The rest we let Noreen know where to purchase (light, picture, chairs).

Here’s the room after:

Next week I’ll continue her design by sharing the before and after pictures of her sitting room… here’s the before (get ready for the after):

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Sarah ;)

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5 thoughts on “Transitional Interior Design Project

  1. Those dining room chairs though!!! Oh my word! Best thing in the room after the hutch! It all came together so beautifully!!! Great job!

  2. Loving that hutch! Still thinking about one for me when the time is right.

    1. Thanks so much!

  3. I was just thinking about that rug when you said what I was thinking: it is gorgeous but so the wrong size. I can’t believe she was able to take it back- I’d have to presume it was a very recent purchase.
    —And. Those. Chairs. They are the bomb!— Love the hutch though I’d be really tempted to outline the trim across the top in gold (though I know that’d take too long for an item you’re not going to keep). Beautiful blue on the wall too.
    No worries about revealing your sources and colours here- barely any of it would be available in Australia, and the things that were, they’d be at least 400% of the original price! Even a 2nd-hand hutch like yours, for sale in charity shops here, would cost around $400. This is before making it over. Ex-pen-sive, I know, right?
    Great job though.

  4. Oh… just one question. Is there a reason you decided not to hang the curtains from higher up? I have lower ceilings, just like the ones pictured at Noreen’s, and I find drawing the eye up to the full height of the wall really helps to create the illusion of height.

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