Tuesday’s Treasures – Vintage Teal Hutch and Red French Provincial Dresser

Hello Friends! This week’s Tuesday’s Treasures brings you another piece that went to my friend Tiffany… this baby was what started the entire process and led to Dining Room Chairs, that led to a Red Chandelier, that led to a vintage window turned photo frame, that led to an Eden Green Damask chair, that led to a Yellow Coffee Table.
Here’s the before and after for you.

I primed this hutch and painted it using Valspar’s Vintage Teal in satin. Please see our post on How To Paint Furniture for step by step instruction on how we paint. Tiffany and I went back and forth about different color teals, but finally landed on this one. I really, really, really love it!!! This is another piece I would have kept if I could. After I painted it (which took almost an entire gallon!!), I glazed it using Ebony stain by Minwax. I used all of the original hardware and spray painted it with primer and then painted it using a Rustoleum black spray paint. The finished product was simply breath taking….one more time, shall we?

Do you have an old hutch in your house (or garage) that’s making your space look dated or boring? We can custom paint it for you to make it the focal point of your room!! Remember my California Poppy Red Hutch?? It’s almost always the first thing people comment on when they walk into my house. I’m in LOVE with painted hutches.

One more quick look at another piece that went to Tiffany… this french provincial style dresser.

I know, it’s a horrible picture. ;) The top, like many of the french provincial style dressers, is a plastic material. I was leery of painting the top, but it came out surprisingly well.   Instead of just priming it with latex primer like I normally do, I spray painted the top with a primer that sticks to plastic. Then I primed it again with the a latex primer. I used the original drawer handles because I love their style, so I  just painted them white using white spray paint.
Here’s the after picture!

The only two things I want to bring to your attention about painting a dresser like this. It look about 4 coats of red to cover it properly. Also, because it’s a plastic material, it was very, very drip happy. I ended up getting a couple drips that I didn’t even see until I got it out to take pictures.  I’m the drip-watching queen so that made me a bit annoyed. Anyway… I still definitely like the look. Just a heads up for you if you try it yourself. :)

Have a great week and happy redesigns,

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14 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Treasures – Vintage Teal Hutch and Red French Provincial Dresser

  1. These are both fabulous, I would love to see a picture of your friends room now with the red chandelier and this furniture.
    Great job

    1. Hi Dido!
      She just moved in so when she’s all settled and ready, we’re going to get some after shot to share with everyone. Thank you for keeping an eye on our site. :)

  2. I just found your website yesterday and I love all the bold colors! I have a soft spot for a good hutch, I wish we had room in our house for one! The teal color was a great pick!!


    1. Hi Rachel,
      Thank you for checking out our site! I agree about having a soft spot for a good hutch. ;) Have a great day and happy redesigns!

  3. I absolutely love the way that red dresser turned out. Beautiful!!!!

    1. Thanks, Jess! -Sarah

  4. That red on white! Sexy as can be…

  5. Love your style at being able to contemporize the old. Fun colors Yay!
    I have a dresser that is a dead ringer for the one you painted red above. I wanted to spray paint it like yours, but the handles seem to be different than regular screw in pulls. Did your piece have any handle difficulty? And if I cant get the handles off, in your opinion should I try to hand paint all those intricacies?

    1. Sorry I didn’t see your post until now! I would only spray paint not hand paint knobs. They never come out well when they are hand painted. Thanks so much for checking!

  6. What makes me mad about the post of the hutch is the color that you said you painted it. I bought my first hutch to paint recently, and wanted it to be the same color as the color you painted yours. So, I went to Lowes, and bought Vintage Teal. I ended up having a darker turquoise hutch. Not even the same color as the one in your picture. So, I am going down today to buy a new color. The color I think it is. There were a few colors on the Valspar website that come really close to your hutch. I chose Rainforest Mist. Ugh,….

    1. Sorry for the color issue Dawn. That is the color that we used for this piece. Here’s a link to their website. http://m.valsparpaint.com/color-detail.php?id=2340&g=1005
      We did glaze it after which changes the color a bit, but that is mentioned on the post. Sometimes computer resolutions make the colors look different, too.

      1. Thank you Sarah. I just didn’t realize that resolution on my monitors or phones could make such a difference in the color. My hutch was originally dark turquoise (Vintage Teal). I went back to Lowe’s to buy Rainforest Mist, but the color looked completely different than on my PC too. So I ended up with Turquoise Tint. It wasn’t right either! UGH. So I ended up mixing 50/50 of Vintage Teal and Turquoise Tint. I think I am liking the end color. I would recommend anyone reading this to not trust exactly the color of the monitor you are looking at. Go to the store and pick a color. :o)

  7. Hello. We have 3 French provincial dressers and 2 French provincial desks for sale. We are located on Long Isalnd. If you r interested please email me. Thank you.

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